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September 28, 2016
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Heritage Family Grows by Two

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We are delighted to introduce the Newlyweds

~ Alec and Lindsey Hendren~

As our company grows, so does our immediate family. We can’t wait for Alec to join the crew at our sister company in the beginning of September.

Though Heritage does not usually cater events, we are always happy to join a celebration! After all, we have the crew, the trucks, and a serious addiction to yummy, well….everything. And by join, we mean engrossing ourselves in every aspect of menu planning. What we know for sure, is great food and awesome flavors! Thanks to Chef Shane (aka: best man and big brother), the event was the perfect combination of bold Spanish staples, infused with innovation. Cured mullet roe anyone?

 We are a family first, so naturally, our entire team at Heritage got to celebrate and help during the event.

And our team can certainly execute!

From the Heritage Prep department stuffing bacon wrapped dates with Chorizo, to our kitchen manager carefully searing skirt steak. Even significant others got involved when it came to service, grilling spring onions and pan con tomate.

Our valued vendors helped source the best quality, fresh ingredients ranging from Yukon gold potatoes for patatas bravas salad, to organic tomatoes and lentils that were served with fresh Oregon seafood, to locally made vanilla ice cream for the Cowboy cookie sandwiches. We are a soup company, so naturally, Ajo Blanco was served as an appetizer.

Shallots, Fennel, Olives, Smoked paprika, Romesco Steak Sauce, Blisted Tomatoes are just some of the ingredients that made this wedding meal incredibly delicious.

Cheers to Great food, Great Company, and a Wonderful Couple!

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