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September 28, 2016
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Happy Holidays from Heritage!

Heidi and Shane broadly grin, posing for a photo
December 7th of this year marked the date of the first annual company wide Holiday Party! Friends and family gathered to celebrate and dine on delicious dinner catered by Salsas Locas, one of our local favorites.
Heidi and Shane broadly grin, posing for a photo Shane holds a microphone in front of the barn, addressing the crowd many people seated around tables clapping Lori and Alec in conversation Carlos in a plaid shirt and Dodgers cap holding a toddler in a black and red dress Ryan in a black and grey sweater with green and red lights and a black cap Santa Claus carrying large golden sac over his shoulder next to child in red plaid shirt Line of people stand to the left, and Santa sits with a child on his lap on a small stage on the right. Another child waits to go next to the left of the stage. Mom takes a picture of her child with Santa.